WZRD 50th Anniversary Party!

 WZRD 88.3 FM, Northeastern's Radio Station, first signed on air 50 years ago on Monday, July 8, 1974. To commemorate these last five decades of broadcasting, WZRD is proud to invite our loyal listeners, fellow DJs, staff, alumni, musicians and anyone else who would like to support us in our 50th year to one of the best venues on the Northside of the city, Martyrs'! We will have four bands, vendors, merch, swag bags, and more. Not to mention the event will be absolutely FREE! Of course the bands booked will be of a freeform nature: punk rock, progressive jazz, funk rock, and electronic/synth music will dazzle and astound you the night of May 4th, 2024! Bring your friends and family to this wonderful event to help all of us here at the Wizard celebrate 50 years!