Kreyòl Roots

Kreyòl Roots is a band unlike any other. A unique fusion of Haitian roots, jazz, reggae, rock, and modernized voodoo-pop gives the band a distinctive blend of modern Caribbean rhythms. Evocative lyrics, infectious beats, and a combination of gifted musicians produces a sound experience that is one of a kind and unsurpassed.  Kreyòl Roots founder Gerald ‘Toto’ Alfred was the lead guitarist for the acclaimed Haitian Roots band Boukman Eksperyans for over twenty years during which he collaborated to write and arrange many of their songs which later became radio hits in his native Haiti. After moving from Haiti to Chicago, Toto started looking for exceptional musicians who share his passion for innovative musical expression. Inspired by Toto’s vision, talented musicians from all over the world came together to form Kreyol Roots. Together Toto and the Kreyol Roots members have mastered the art of combining the distinctive talents of individuals into songs that are incomparable and unforgettable.  A Kreyòl Roots performance is a sound experience that leaves you breathless, exhilarated, and wanting more. Words cannot describe the depth and breadth of the Kreyol Roots rhythms, but seeing and hearing is believing. You will leave every performance eager to share the next one with more of your friends.  Since coming together, Kreyòl Roots has been entertaining large and small crowds with their tantalizing music.

Past Shows

  • Wed, May 13 - 8pm - $7