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 IAMDYNAMITE is the musical duo comprised of Christopher Martin and Chris Phillips, originally from Michigan and now calling North Carolina home. IAMDYNAMITE’s albums, SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC and WASA TUSA, show the bands broad musical range from fast paced, anthemic, catchy, chanting rock, to the soft synth pop you imagine you would ride off into the sunset listening too. Both albums highlight their melodic, hook-laden songwriting skills and both deliver on all emotional fronts. IAMDYNAMITE has seen success with charting songs “Where Will We Go” and “Hey Girl” off SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC, which combined spent over 25 weeks in the Top 20 Billboard Alternative chart. Followed by “In The Summer” off WASA TUSA, debuting on the Charts as well! These being a massive accomplishment from the virtually, up to that point, unknown band out of Ann Arbor, MI. IAMDYNAMITE is now feeding off years of touring across the US and Europe. The band is poised to release multiple songs throughout 2020 and beyond. The Chris’s have been writing, recording, and performing new material, which combines the bombastic energy of SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC and the well-crafted musicality of WASA TUSA.

The Mild West

Since 2018, The Mild West has made a splash in the Chicago music scene with their energetic performances and lively early singles. Borrowing from a wide variety of pop/rock powerhouses such as The Killers and Walk the Moon, the band’s sound drips with soaring melodies, catchy hooks, and powerful delivery. Their debut EP "It's Been A Good Run" and most recent singles “Rendezvous” and “Shooting Star” show off an elevated sense of cohesion to the band's sound. After closing out 2021 with a sold out headline show at Lincoln Hall, The Mild West continues to capture new audiences and surprise loyal fans with classic rock energy cloaked in a neatly packaged power pop aesthetic.

The Dirty Nines

 The Dirty Nines are a band based in Chicago that combine a folk-rock feel, vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, with a dash of psychedelic and funk.

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