Thu, Aug 9 - 8pm - $10


Jeff Swanson’s Case Fitter

 Case-fitter is Jeff Swanson’s first original full-length release. It was recorded over four weeks in April 2017 during a residency at The Whistler in Chicago. Each week the group used a set repertoire and added members to its core trio, exploring a different experience each week and concluding with the final recorded performance as an octet.  Swanson brings a fresh lyrical approach to melding jazz, improvisation, electronic and post-rock music together on this release. Featuring a cast of rare talent, Case-fitter explores these seven new compositions to paint boundless landscapes with craft and care.  Featuring: Greg Ward – Alto Saxophone, Dustin Laurenzi – Tenor Saxophone, Paul Bedal - Keyboards, Matt Ulery - Bass, Greg Artry - Drums, Jeff Swanson – Guitars, electronics.

Miss Remember

 Miss Remember is a rock band that rocks from Chicago. Formed by Jim Tashjian (gtr, vox), Peter Tashjian (drms), Leslie Beukelman (vox) and Martin Stonikas (bass) when the four were students at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, the members all continue to be active in various bands in various circles of the Chicago music scene (District 97, Hood Smoke, Hey Champ, Goran Ivanovic Trio, Brite Lite, Davy Knowles, Luna, BD and the jackrabbits, Timetables etc…) As a band, they combine sounds from their rock roots with their love of diverse musics from around the city, the country and the world. Dissonant harmony and a unique rhythmic concept are layered with delicate, simplistic melodies. They are children of the 90's, who grew up in the midwest, just striving to write good songs. Miss Remember released their first full length record on the Ears&Eyes label January 13, 2017. 

Laurenzi Cunningham Duo

 Chicago improvisers Jeremy Cunningham (drums) and Dustin Laurenzi (saxophone/electronics) share a common fascination with melody, sound and rhythm that has brought them together in countless configurations since their first meeting in 2012; however, the transparency of the duo setting allows these two like-minded musicians’ voices to shine even more directly.

Price: $10