Jeff Swanson’s Case Fitter

 Case-fitter is Jeff Swanson’s first original full-length release. It was recorded over four weeks in April 2017 during a residency at The Whistler in Chicago. Each week the group used a set repertoire and added members to its core trio, exploring a different experience each week and concluding with the final recorded performance as an octet.  Swanson brings a fresh lyrical approach to melding jazz, improvisation, electronic and post-rock music together on this release. Featuring a cast of rare talent, Case-fitter explores these seven new compositions to paint boundless landscapes with craft and care.  Featuring: Greg Ward – Alto Saxophone, Dustin Laurenzi – Tenor Saxophone, Paul Bedal - Keyboards, Matt Ulery - Bass, Greg Artry - Drums, Jeff Swanson – Guitars, electronics.

Past Shows

  • Thu, Aug 9 - 8pm - $10