Sat, Aug 24 - 9:30pm - $15
Sweet Crude
“Sweet Crude is an extremely exciting new group with haunting and mesmerizingvocals sung in Louisiana French and English.”-PopMatters"When most think of New Orleans, what usually comes to mind immediately are wild Mardi Grascelebrations, great jazz, and Cafe Du Monde’s famed beignets. Hailing from the Louisiana city,rising indie pop six-piece Sweet Crude know there’s so much more to be found and appreciated:a richness in culture and history, which they’ve deftly woven into the foundation of their work."- Consequence of SoundOver the past few years, Sweet Crude has managed to take the music and language of Louisianaand produce a completely fresh music that thrusts century-old traditions into the present. Thesix-piece band consistently delivers exciting shows featuring enough drums for a small marchingband, exuberantly bellowed harmonies, and lyrics that jump from English to Louisiana French ina single verse. Boasting surnames like Marceaux and Chachere, Sweet Crude seeks to reconnectwith their lineage in a way that draws on their own modern influences, while nodding to the music and language of their ancestors.The members of Sweet Crude all hail from South Louisiana, a region which still holdsonto its unique culture and way of life stronger than anywhere else in the United States. Thatsaid, many of those elements are fading with time as American culture gradually becomes morehomogenized. This trend can be seen most directly in the gradual fade of the Louisiana Frenchlanguage. The members of Sweet Crude grew up with grandparents and great grandparents thatspoke the region’s native dialect as their first language, yet with each successive generation, thatlanguage gets lost to time. Instead of singing the language in its usual music genres, zydeco andcajun, Sweet Crude draws on their own influences coming mainly from New Orleans music, pop,and indie rock to produce a sound that is accessible to today’s generation. In essence, they aretaking the language out the museum, weaving it in with English, and giving it fresh legs andrelevancy for years to come.
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Bourgeois Mystics
Eclectic Art-Funk/Hip-Hop Party Band, Bourgeois Mystics, announce “The Most Spiritual” Tour in support of their namesake single. This August, the band will bring their unique message of spiritual materialism to venues throughout the southwest, west coast, and midwest, including three dates as the house band for Lagunitas Beer Circus in Seattle, Chicago, and Petaluma.Their latest single, The Most Spiritual, produced as part of the final round of The Recording Conservatory of Austin’s $25,000 grant competition, is a holier-than-thou hip-hop banger with a catchy hook. The slammin’ dance-funk verse-groove toggles between the rapid-fire rap flexing of a “megachurch pastor” and the sleazy enticements of a “western yogi-cult leader”, both obsessed with the acquisition of material wealth and the hedonistic pleasures of a vice-laden lifestyle.Bourgeois Mystics has played to sold-out crowds at several notable Austin venues including Mohawk Outdoors, Stubbs, Empire Garage, The Parish, and One-2-One Bar and has performed with international acts including George Clinton, Grupo Fantasma, Jonathan Scales, and CAPYAC. The Most Spiritual is the band’s third single of 2019, following 2018’s award-winning take on the Bollywood classic, Jaan Pehechan Ho, and 2017’s fan-lauded, critically ignored debut album, Eureka!.Bourgeois Mystics is a for-profit personal growth cult and “genre-defying dance party waiting to explode,” (PopMatters) headquartered in Austin, TX. Founded in late 2014 by four acquisitive ascetics, they slowly bloomed into a multi-national sonic powerhouse, focusing their expressive musical talents on a completely original sound reminiscent of the abstract wit of MF DOOM, zany cheese of The B-52's, epic arrangements of Ennio Morricone, wailing grooves of James Brown, infused soul of Jamiroquai, and bombastic energy of your favorite punk band, all culminating in a distinct sound that’s been described as “Zappa meets OutKast” (Austin Chronicle).Stay tuned in 2019 as the self-proclaimed “commune-definitely-not-a-cult” rolls out fresh content ahead of 2020’s concept album, Gentrification of Planet Earth.
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Mon, Aug 26 - 8pm - $10
Tue, Aug 27 - 8:30pm - $10
Wed, Aug 28 - 8pm - $10
Thu, Aug 29 - 8pm - $10
Fri, Aug 30 - 9pm - $12
Sat, Aug 31 - 9pm -$12
Sun, Sep 1 - 8pm - $18adv/$23door
Tue, Sep 3 - 8pm - $20
Wed, Sep 4 - 7pm - $25
Thu, Sep 5 - 8pm - $12adv/$15door
Fri, Sep 6 - 9pm - $12adv/$15door
Wed, Sep 9 - 8pm - $10
Wed, Sep 11 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door
Thu, Sep 12 - 8pm - $15adv/$20door
Fri, Sep 13 - 8pm - $15
Mon, Sep 16 - 8pm - $10
Wed, Sep 18 - 8pm - $10
Thu, Sep 19 - 8pm - $12