Wed, Oct 26 - 8pm - $7
She Rides Tigers
She Rides Tigers is a Chicago-based power trio delivering a unique collusion between fuzzed-out psychedelic rock and Britpop. The band has created an immediate yet timeless sound that has earned them comparisons to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Stereophonics and Led Zeppelin. She Rides Tigers' single "Roll With It" was featured extensively in the 2015 production of "Grand Concourse" at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater Company.
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Big City Burn
Big City Burn is a 4 piece Rock N Roll band from Chicago Illinois. A live show you don't want to miss! Keeping Rock N Roll alive in Chicago.
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Blacklist Regulars
Recently formed in April 2016, the Blacklist Regulars are a bold and dramatic international rock band based in Chicago. Their music is laced with clever hooks and melodies that blends catchy lyrics with a soulful depth to win over even the keenest alternative rock fans. Irish lead singer, Luke Keating released his music in Ireland and received high praise and quickly gained notice, being recognized as FM104's Select Irish artist and playlisted on national radio including FM104, Radio Nova, WLR FM, RTÉ 2fm and 98FM, among others. The band is comprised of Irish front man, Luke Keating, bass player, Martin Bo Jarski, drummer, Tomás Zabala and guitarist, Liam Kelley. In the short time they have been together, Blacklist Regulars have been performing in festivals and rock venues across Chicago. Having worked with top producer/engineer Ger McDonnell, who has worked with the likes of U2, Def Leopard, Sinéad O'Connor and the Cranberries, they are now currently working with rock producer Arturo Banus on their upcoming album, which they plan to unleash in Fall 2016. Lead singer and principal songwriter, Luke Keating, has experienced radio and chart success with both a top 10 single and a No.2 album in the Irish Independent charts. Having left Dublin in late 2015, he set out to form a killer, live, alternative rock act in the U.S. Armed with an arsenal of chart-topping music, he found his counterparts in the Blacklist Regulars. Luke is a powerhouse of a rock singer and composer, equally as talented at delivering stunning live vocals as he is a talented songwriter and lyricist. Hailing from Poland, Martin BoJarski is an accomplished musician, writer and composer who has studied at Krakow School of Jazz and Popular Music and The British Academy of New Music. He has worked with well known musicians such as Jaroslaw Smietana, Karin Matusewicz (Voo Voo),Powel Maciwoda (Scorpions), and Gilbert Gabriel (Dream Academy) to name a few. He is a tornado of bass rock fury and the heartbeat of this band. Originally from Venezuela, Tomás Zabala, is an accomplished session and touring drummer/composer with a wealth of experience both in the studio and performing live. He has worked and toured with Los Humaoides, Vultravioleta, Kuámasi, Iran and Andrea Zulado to name a few. A highly experienced rock drummer with endless talent and dedication to perfecting his craft. Originally from Berkley, Michigan, Liam is the lead guitarist and youngest member of the group. Having studied at Colombia Music College in Chicago, he has evolved into a dynamic and soulful lead guitarist and performer, displaying a skill set far surpassing his age.
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Fri, Oct 28 - 9pm - $10
Sat, Oct 29 - 9pm - $20
Tue, Nov 1 - 8pm - $7
Wed, Nov 2 - 8pm - $7
Thu, Nov 3 - 9:30pm - No Cover
Sat, Nov 5 - 7pm - No Cover
Sat, Nov 5 - 9pm - $10adv/$12door
Sun, Nov 6 - 8pm - $18adv/$20door
Mon, Nov 7 - 8pm - $5
Tue, Nov 8 - 8pm - $10
Wed, Nov 9 - 7pm - $25
Thu, Nov 10 - 8pm - $10
Fri, Nov 11 - 9:30pm - $15adv/$18door
Sat, Nov 12 - 9:30pm - $15adv/$20door
Sun, Nov 13 - 8pm - No Cover
Tue, Nov 15 - 8pm - $7