Fri, Oct 18 - 9pm - $15
Old Salt Union
Old Salt Union once again enlistedGRAMMY-winning banjoist and Compass co-founderAlison Brown to produce the follow-up to their self-titled Compass Records debut. Theresulting album,Where the Dogs Don’t Bite,builds on this non-traditional string bandsvaried musical backgrounds for a wildly entertaining, eclectic batch of songs.Thequintet Ryan Murphey (banjo), Justin Wallace (lead vocals and mandolin), JohnBrighton (violin), Jesse Farrar (lead vocals and bassist) andGraham Curry(guitar)havecontinued to hone anddeveloptheir sound throughrelentlesstouring,cultivating a steadfast fanbase drawn to their high-energy shows.Coming fromvaried musical backgrounds, Old Salt Union’s collective melting pot of styles andmusical vocabularies informs their fresh approach tomodern string band music and hashelped carve a unique niche for this St. Louis MO and Belleville, Illinois roots outfit.Farrar, nephew of Son Volt’s Jay Farrar, kicks off the album with ‘God You Don’t Need’,a hook laden ode to a relationship gone bad set against a tapestry of strings and aneerily compelling banjo melody. Label mate Bobby Osborne guests on Tell Me So, a nodto the bluegrass side of the band’s musical sensibilities featuring lead vocals andsongwriting by mandolinist Justin Wallace. Violinist John Brighton delivers the gypsy-tinged instrumental Johann’s Breakdown, which pulls from jazz and classicalprogressions, and Wallace delivers the haunting title track, Where The Dogs Don’t Bite.The dark, but heartfelt song features triple-layered guitar harmonies, stacked vocals anda group sing-along that recalls last call at a corner pub in the rust belt, a fitting closing tothis musically diverse and compelling release
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56 Hope Rd
56 Hope Road is a band bonded like a family, and as a result, their music has an unmistakable honesty and openness. Uncanny, intuitive communication creates an easy interplay on stage, making even the most layered tunes sound effortless. They allow the joy of spontaneous creativity to color their song-based arrangements - neither losing their musical center, nor restricting its growth. The music is acoustic funk at its finest with sounds reminiscent of G-Love and Special Sauce, Richie Havens, MMW, Grateful Dead, Paul Simon and Gomez. This Chicago-based “acoustic funk explosion” is known for clever songwriting, lush vocal harmonies and one of the tightest rhythm sections on the scene. Formed in 1999, 56 Hope Road is made up of vocalist/guitarist Dave Hamilton, drummer Greg Fundis, upright bassist Chad Sanders, saxophonist Casey Fitzpatrick, and often augmented by vocalist Anne Katzfey, and percussionist Matt Katzfey.
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Sat, Oct 19 - 8pm - $15
Mon, Oct 21 - 8pm - $10
Tue, Oct 22 - 8pm - $10
Wed, Oct 23 - 8pm - $12
Fri, Oct 25 - 9pm - $12adv/$15door
Mon, Oct 28 - 8pm - $10
Tue, Oct 29 - 8pm - $12
Wed, Oct 30 - 7:30pm - $40adv/$55door
Fri, Nov 1 - 9pm - $12adv/$15door
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