Wed, May 23 - 8pm - $10
Elk Walking
Elk Walking is an acoustic and electric guitar driven indie-rock band of a rare breed. Fronted by singer-songwriter duo Savanna Dickhut and Julian Daniell, their music is energetic, electric and groovy yet still captures the folky acoustic flavors and lyrical focus of a singer-songwriter duo. The band is accented by fiery electric guitar and carried by powerful harmonies and meaningful songwriting. The filled out demanding sound of two lead singers is reminiscent of the sounds of Jefferson Airplane, or Fleetwood Mac and the songs are individually unique yet remain set in the bands signature sound; a mix of gritty and pretty, lonesome ballads, energetic love songs, and social commentary. The band frequently references and finds inspiration in the mysteries of nature and the living natural world.
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Nicole Amine
Nicole Amine is a bluesy singer-songwriter​ backed by high-energy instrumentals and driven by soulful melodies and lyrics. Nicole was raised in the Detroit area and draws influence from her Motown roots combined with the beloved blues of mainstay, Chicago. She is joined by the talents of guitarist Vic Kuligoski, bassist Zachary Goforth, and drummer Dan Knighten; the four are excited to be in the studio this Spring to record debut EP "Old Habits."
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Dr. Unk
Dr. Unk has the cure for what ails you. Based out of Chicago, the recipe calls for elements of funk, blues and rock mixed together to create melodically tasteful psychedelic music. Coat that with massive improvisational movements, and the Doctor's work is complete!
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Thu, May 24 - 8pm - $8
Sat, May 26 - 6pm - $10 - ALL AGES
Sat, May 26 - 9pm - $10
Tue, May 29 - 8pm - $10
Thu, May 31 - 8pm - $7
Sat, Jun 2 - 9:30pm - $10adv/$15door
Tue, Jun 5 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door
Wed, Jun 6 - 7pm - $25
Fri, Jun 8 - 9pm - $10
Sat, Jun 9 - 6:30pm - $10
Mon, Jun 11 - 8pm - $7
Tue, Jun 12 - 9:30pm - $7adv/$10door
Wed, Jun 13 - 8pm - $10
Thu, Jun 14 - 8pm - $7