Thu, Dec 13 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door
Tiny Bit of Giant's Blood
Daily life is a struggle. Sometimes you need a Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood, which is also the name of the new glam punk heavy rock product from Tony Rogers & John Scholvin of The Good. It’s like a lion on stimulants, a velvet jumper only two sizes too small, a goblet of mysterious dark liquid that promises a night you will never forget. It also showcases the pulsating rhythms of Jackie Schimmel & Greg Fundis, and it may be addictive.
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The Fifth Star Band
Formed in the summer of ’16, The Fifth Star Band is a youthful group of raconteurs looking to make their impact on the music landscape with their soulful jazzy twist on American Traditional Rock. The unique sound The Fifth Star Band has been able to cultivate is largely due to the diverse musical backgrounds each member of the group brings to the table. While at its core, Jordan Sawyer’s songwriting embodies a modern take on American Traditional Rock, throw in some funky bass licks, a strong jazzy beat, and a smooth dose of Eric Pedone's sax and you get a sound unlike any other.
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Fri, Dec 14 - 9pm - $10adv/$12door
Sat, Dec 15 - 9:30pm - $12
Tue, Dec 18 - 8pm - $10
Wed, Dec 19 - 8pm - $10
Thu, Dec 20 - 8pm - $10
Fri, Dec 21 - 9pm - $15
Thu, Dec 27 - 8pm - $35
Fri, Dec 28 - 9pm - $15adv/$20door
Sat, Dec 29 - 9pm - $18adv/$20door
Sun, Dec 30 - 9pm - $20adv/$25door
Mon, Dec 31 - 9pm - $20
Thu, Jan 3 - 8:30pm - $10
Fri, Jan 4 - 9pm - $10adv/$13door
Sat, Jan 5 - 9pm - $10adv/$15door
Wed, Jan 9 - 8pm - $10
Fri, Jan 11 - 7pm - $40adv/$50door