Xoe Wise

Picking up the guitar at five years old Xoe and her younger sister wrote their first song for their sick baby goat. From a small town on the ocean in NC to a brief period in Michigan she continued to pursue music and now is based in Chicago, IL.She entered the Chicago music scene in 2009 collaborating with Ethan Stoller. Stoller has contributed music to the DVD featurettes and promo materials of several major Hollywood films, including V for Vendetta (film), Ninja Assassin,Sherlock Holmes and more.Xoe released her first album Echo that October. After growing in the Chicago music scene and simply growing up, her music has taken on a dreamy folk tone drawing comparisons to a female Bon Iver with her 6 piece band selling out shows in Chicago. She has been heard at venues from Hotel Cafe in CA to Hard Rock in Nashville. She has been supporting acts with artists Lisa Loeb, Greg Laswell, John Legend, and Colbie Caillat. Microsoft scooped Xoe up when opening their IL store now helping sponsor her 25 stop US tour.Xoe continues to rise to the top MTV-ourstage.com charts winning pop categories, and having been featured multiple times. Chicago Innerview recognizes Xoe as "easily the singer/songwriter and pop counterpart to Columbia native Chaz Bundick’s (a.k.a. Toro Y Moi) laconic chill-wave synth ballads. Both share an evanescent “dreaminess,” as if washing in the aquamarine surf of their native environs. On Wise’s new album, Echo, simple guitar and keyboard arrangements back up almost deliquescent vocals and lyrics tinged with starry-eyed romanticism." While Chicago Redeye states "the song as something of a spiritual accident."Xoe Wise has played the Korean festival with 3000+ audience, as well as Oakland arena in MI for the Miracles for Life benefit show alongside Rolling stone featured band Jamestown Revival. Xoe also was the fall 2010 Uncommon ground open mic runner up (Crystal Bowersox previous winner).

Past Shows

  • Tue, Feb 8 - 8pm - $7
  • Wed, Oct 26 - 8pm - $7
  • Wed, Oct 17 - 8pm - $7
  • Mon, Nov 11 - 8pm - $10