Wed, Oct 23 - 8pm - $7



 Ateliers: A four-piece band forged in 2012 within the furnaces where alternative pop meets underground rock. They elevate a mountain of sound that is subtly complex and evokes a mood that is both heartbreaking and optimistic. Ateliers are power and mystery and excess channeled through a low-end. It is nailed to the floor by a bass that winds through the melody like a caged animal, drums that signal the presence of a ritual no one expected you to see, and lush guitars with perfectly understated and carefully crafted leads. The vocals are designed to ease you into the dream—right until the nightmare emerges and the shouting begins. Look for their debut CD on CDBaby and iTunes. Then file under The Cure, Bauhaus, BRMC. 

Black Bear Brown Bear

 Black Bear/Brown Bear create an infectious brand of indie-rock led by two drummers whose danceable rhythms create the foundation of the band’s powerful sound. Drawing comparisons to that of Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, and Vampire Weekend, their energetic live set of organized chaos has been turning heads since 2012. An interview with Hypertextmag, stated that their “danceable beats and percussive, collaborative sound feels like it was born in the garages of the Northwest Side alleys and is poised now to hit it big”; and BB/BB have been putting in the muscle to prove themselves. 


 Cavalier is a new folk influenced indie rock collaboration by current and former members of the national touring act So Long Forgotten, and regional acts Psychobilly Kadillaks, The Help Desk, and others. They released their debut EP Onward in July.

Mirror Coat

 Mirror Coat is a rock band from Iowa City now based in Chicago. It consists of two brothers, Nick and Alex Lovelace and two Scotts, Hanson and Myers.

Price: $7