Wed, May 10 - 8pm - $7


The Streems

 The Streems are a Chicago-based high-power blues rock band, combining elements of alternative, punk and noise rock to create their original and unique “hand-made” sound. The band has been active since 2008, has produced 3 albums, and played at many venues around Chicago and beyond. Consisting of a small team of three musicians (Guitar, Bass Drums), the band produces a surprisingly powerful experience, transforming any stage into an irresistible storm of melody, performance and haunting lyrics.

The Four Three

 Trombonist Mike Hagedorn presents his post-empire meta-genre trio The Four Three, featuring guitarist Alex Perkolup and drummer Jeff Goulet.  It's loud but subtle, tightly arranged but wildly improvisational, oddly familiar but cozily unusual. Someone shouted "punk jazz!" at one of their shows, and they thought it apropos. They are based in Chicago, and they invite you to listen to their selections on SoundCloud:  Trombonist Mike Hagedorn has been testing his theories of genre and style with his recording and performance collective 4boxs, as a stalwart sideman for Cheer-Accident, and with countless other rock, jazz, and improvisation outfits.  Guitarist Alex Perkolup, formerly of Cheer-Accident, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Dot Dot Dot, never backs down from a challenge.  Drummer Jeff Goulet, formerly of Hot Garbage, plays lots of other things in his own duo In Masks, and guitar in Lovely Little Girls, where, in fact, Hagedorn and Perkolup play as well.

Laura’s Island

 Laura's Island is a three-piece indie rock band based in Chicago. Their Smiths-inspired debut record, October 2, was released in February on Atlantic City Melodies.

Price: $7