With over two decades of experience in the literary and music industry, UGOCHI has gained quite a notable reputation for her solo career and collaborations. Not content to rest on her gnash, UGOCHI & A.S.E. are always laying foundations for the next release, adding more classics to their repertoire. Nina Simone once said, "It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live. That’s why UGOCHI & A.S.E. write, record and share their offerings on a frequent basis, making countless public appearances locally, nationally and internationally. This Chicago native is an international singing sensation who has been performing her original style of song and word poetics since she began her musical journey. She is known in her hometown best for her refined storytelling and songwriting ability as well as the technique and song style she has been known to dub vocal harmonics.

Past Shows

  • Sun, Feb 6 - 8pm - $10 - VAX REQUIRED