Tukkiman is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and bandleader from Dakar, Senegal. His music is a unique mix of Afro-Beat, World, Hip Hop, Reggae and English Pop and sounds like a mix between U2, D Angelo and Bob Marley. His style is powerful, political and knows no borders.  Tukki came to study in Paris in 2006. Currently, he traces his steps between Dakar, Paris, New York and Chicago making his own route and following his own path. Tukki means travel in his native tongue Wolof and is the name of his first album; a unique project of a nomad who tells stories.  In each of Tukkiman's songs, there is always an underlying feeling for each of us to have the freedom to love, live and explore.

Past Shows

  • Wed, Jun 27 - 8pm - $10
  • Sun, Feb 6 - 8pm - $10 - VAX REQUIRED