Tue, Nov 19 - 8pm - $7


Chatsworth & Dupree (Chris Gangis & Wavy Dave from Cornmeal)

Chatsworth and Dupree is the exciting new duo formed by the songwriting team and founding members of Cornmeal. Derived from their individual pseudonyms, Gilman Chatsworth and Charlie Dupree, the duo formed as an outlet for the expansion of their songwriting and to showcase a wide variety of acoustic styles in more intimate settings. Performing a mix of Cornmeal songs, unreleased original material and bluegrass standards, the chemistry of these two on stage is a testament to their 13-year tenure of making music together. They will be playing a select few shows this summer so be sure to catch them while you can.

Evergreen Grass Band

 What has 40 fingers and a bloody banjo? Blisteringly fast, hard foot stomping, unapologetic anti-grass...an amalgam of bluegrass and everything but the kitchen sink that is sure to, put a smile on your face, get you dancing and kick your ass all at the same time

Price: $7