Tue, May 15 - 8pm - $10


Youth in a Roman Field

 Youth in a Roman Field wants to help you break the rules. The bastardized string quartet-meets folk band-meets jazz combo from singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Claire Wellin incorporates sounds of "Appalachia, cayenne pepper, & ghosts." (Thank you Valdaniel Martins.) The band includes collaborators Tiffany Topol, Scott Stangland, Cassidy Stirtz, Katrina Lenk, and Jamie Mohamdein. Their debut album, 'Of Grit and Grace,' was released in May of 2012, and the EP 'Suits for Children' was released in October 2014. Originally out of Chicago, they are currently making a home in New York City and recently recorded their second full-length album with legendary producer Stewart Lerman.  "Idiosyncratically accessible artistry." Jamie Lee Rake, Milwaukee Shepherd Express.  "Energetic, melodic and fun indie folk pop? Maybe. Great band? Definitely. " -Big City Folk.  "Listening to Youth in a Roman Field, it's not hard to imagine the band in a shady glade singing its timeless, melancholy folk — the accordion makes the fantasy list toward the french countryside. The songs are clear, simple, a little sad and swept with romance. Frontwoman and bandleader Claire Wellin has a clarion voice that goes from naive to soulful, on songs that touch on belle epoque cabaret music and early American folk music." -Jessica Hopper, Chicago Tribune.

Lunar Ticks

Hailing from Chicago, Lunar Ticks aim to barrel through stylistic boundaries,by recreating, and expanding on roots music (rock, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, soul, punk, funk, etc.), with a DIY ethic and a jovial attitude. Featuring members of Chicago bands, The Casual Ties, Rusty Gates, Spread, Ooraloo, and Higgs Theory, this group labors to build an eclectic and vast catalog of originals and covers.This is a collective that strives for experimentation in writing, recording, production, and performance. We like to have fun, get weird, and let the moment steer us any way it chooses. We are dedicated to crafting intricate compositions, exploring inventive techniques for improvisation, and creating live experiences that will incorporate unique collaborations, themed events, and crowd interaction. We promise you this, if you take a chance on us, we’ll take a chance for you.

Gia Margaret

 After only 2 years of songwriting, Gia Margaret has already established herself as one of Chicago's most talented and experienced young artists. Coupled by a striking clarity of vocal tone, Gia's music is characterized by honest and ruminative lyrics, all at once treading strangely familiar, yet rarely charted territories. Listeners have often reflected upon her effortless capacity to immerse them into her unique personal experiences, providing them not only with something to listen to, but moreover inviting them each to play a part.Remarkably, Gia has performed across a vast spectrum of notable Chicago venues, having secured dates at The Metro, Schubas, The Double Door, and Subterranean, among others. She also was selected to perform at SXSW in 2010, where she shared the stage with indie icons Horse Feathers and Anais Mitchell. By the onset of 2011, Gia plans to have released a full-length solo album. She is also currently working on a collaborative musical project entitled "Little Light" with Alain de Courtenay."

Price: $10