Tue, May 14 - 7pm - $10


Stanley & the Baskets

 Stanley and the Baskets is a hip-hop, dance, funk, and reggae-inspired jam band from Chicagoland.

Todd Albright

 Todd Albright is a country blues, twelve string guitar player and vocalist from Detroit, Michigan. Grounded in the pre-war era of the blues tradition (1880-1939), Todd is a mindful purveyor of blues history. His repertoire upholds musical pillars such as Blind Willie McTell, George Carter, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leadbelly. His life’s work continues the distinguished tradition of the very roots of American music as told by the African American musicians who created it.  Todd's vigorous, gritty and soulful performances are accompanied by stories of the masters and a deep intuitive sense of respect for craft, providing audiences with a meaningful experience while creating a transcendent moment. One of the top blues guitarists in the world, Todd is the only contemporary twelve string player in his genre.  Todd began playing the blues while still a teenager, some twenty-five years ago. Initially, he was drawn to the sound of the finger-picked style and has since immersed himself in the foundational music and narratives of American culture. Over the years, Todd has shared the stage with artists such as Roy Book Binder, Charlie Parr, Paul Geremia, and Dakota Dave Hull.  Todd's first full-length LP, Fourth Floor Visitor, was released by Jett Plastic Recordings out of Detroit, Michigan (2017). His latest album, Detroit Twelve String: Blues & Rags, is out now on Third Man Records (2017). 

Bandits on the Run

 Bandits on the Run is Brooklyn's very own criminal whimsy ring, composed of cellist/badass Bonanza Jellyfish, guitarist/fool Roy Dodger, and player-of-toys/clairvoyant Clarissa. Veterans of the NYC busking scene, the three specialize in coloring any old place with a distinctive atmosphere, easily connecting with an audience while trading off frontman roles, with each bandit adding their unique voice and songwriting prowess to the pot for a heady, mood-buoying brew. A tight unit, they have traveled the world with their tunes, playing to crowds everywhere from grungy bars in LA to living rooms in London to old town squares in France. Their songwriting and creative videos have even earned them accolades from the likes of the Coffee Music Project and NPR Music. Listen and you will be whisked away to find something old, something new, and a heart warmed between the two.


Scuttlebuggs is an indie band from the Midwest. Their original vocal melodies, harmonies and lyrics are the focal point of their sound. Inspired equally by the origins of rock and roll, folk, country and doo-wop, the duo offers modern perspective to classic genres. People have likened their music to Neil Young, LOW and Simon and Garfunkel. Their debut album "After Brilliance" was raw and filled with genuine emotion - it was tracked live on analog tape at legendary Chicago studio Pieholden Suite Sound in 2013 and received glowing reviews: "their harmonies are delicate and graceful, and bring an indie edge to the Americana arrangements"... reviews additionally described songs as "beautiful", "haunting" and "positively life-affirming." [Leicester Bangs].  The duo recently completed a successful month long tour around Japan which further inspired their creative journey, then doing an impromptu tour of the US with a limited edition CD combining their two most recent EPs: "No Fast Legs" and "End Of The Itch”. In 2018, another review described their lyrics as "perfect”, "genius", and "a punch in the stomach through their pensive penning style”... before attempting to sum up the Scuttlebuggs sound: “Genre-wise, Scuttlebuggs skate between a Lo Fi Dream Pop sound and throw in some Folk to perfectly round off their ethereally strange combination of sounds.” [A&R Factory].  Scuttlebuggs are currently preparing to record another full length album back in Chicago before further touring around the globe. 

Price: $10