Tue, Feb 20 - 8pm- $10adv/$12door


Kick the Cat

 Kick the Cat is Chicago's most highly acclaimed fusion ensemble. Since forming in 1996, the band has been wowing audiences with their high energy shows. Their compositions are grounded in the traditions of jazz, rock and funk and feature complex harmony, odd time signatures, and extended improvisations. The group's spontaneity and uncanny communication make each of their live performances a unique adventure in interactive music-making.

(Chris Siebold, Kris Myers, Chris Clemente, Vijay Tellis-Nayak)


Gerald Dowd

TWO-TIME GRAMMY© AWARD-losing drummer Gerald Dowd hails from the Boston area. Since moving to Chicago in the late 1900s, he has played/sung/recorded with Robbie Fulks, Justin Roberts, Frisbie, Nora O'Connor, Chris Mills, Kelly Hogan, Mavis Staples, and Rich Little. Father of two (that he knows of) and husband of one (that she knows of), he took so long completing his solo album, Home Now, that people forgot he'd ever mentioned it.


 The Chicago-based quintet fuses together soulful grooves, dense vocal harmonies, and high energy guitar solos that roar through venues. Five long-time friends have come together to create a sound that’s been called ‘where Steely Dan meets The Allman Brothers meets Wilco…. with a dab of Pet Sounds.’ Because the whole group sings and composes, they have created a genre that is truly their own. The band’s live show was translated brilliantly to their self-titled debut record. But to fully experience the dynamic range, the roaring guitar solos, intricate songwriting, and beautiful vocal harmonies, you must see Stampy perform live. 

Price: $10