Tue, Aug 8 - 8pm - $25 - All Ages


The Drumming All-Stars


featuring Simon Phillips and Will Calhoun

 Also featuring Jimmy Haslip (bass), Vinny Valentino (guitar), Chrissi Poland (vocals), and Stu Mindeman (keys)!  The Drumming All Stars are back in Chicago and ONLY at Martyrs’ for this ALL AGES show!  Legendary drummer Simon Phillips (The Who/Toto/Hiromi) will perform a variety of tunes with this all-star band. This is a rare opportunity to see Simon in Chicago!  Will Calhoun (Living Colour/Herb Albert/Mike Stern) brings his amazing groove, blazing speed and world music skills to this dynamic show! Will is going to tear it up with this incredible band!  Both drummers will play a variety of tunes with an all-star band, featuring Vinny Valentino (George Benson/Vital Information), Chrissi Poland (Dave Weckl/Sam Moore), Chicago native Stu Mindeman (Kurt Elling/Gloria Estefan), and Jimmy Haslip (bass)!  You can expect both drummers to jam at the end!  Get your ticket here, or purchase a COMBO TICKET so that you can get in to the August 4 show that features Steve Smith and Todd Sucherman! Interested in taking classes with these instructors? They’re in town for Drum Fantasy Camp Sign up here:  www.drumfantasycamp.com.

Price: $25