Thu, Jun 1 - 8pm - $10


North Berwyn Rhythm and Soul Organization

Scott Ligon sings and plays the guitar and piano.Casey McDonough sings and plays the bass.John Perrin sings and plays the drums.Bongo Randy drinks and plays bongos.They are the primary shareholders of the North Berwyn Rhythm and Soul Organization - a collective featuring the cream of Chicago musicians. As well as that, Scott, Casey, and John are members of the critically acclaimed and highly regarded music group ‘NRBQ’. Being sought after session musicians, the 3 of them have recorded with and played in the bands of Chuck Berry, Brian Wilson, John Sebastian, Mavis Staples, Wanda Jackson, Robbie Fulks, JD McPherson, Pokey Lafarge, The Redwalls, and Jim Boggia. They are musical purists to an extreme extent - never using a set list and performing everything from Duke Ellington to Doug Sahm to Eddie Cochran - and as authentically as it’s ever been played before. Expect surprises - whether it be what you hear, or which special guest they have with them any particular night. Any performance of North Berwyn Rhythm and Soul Organization is not to be missed.

Rachel Drew & Friends do Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’

Rachel Drew will perform all of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" - with Alton Smith, Tony Richards, Casey McDonough, and John Perrin. Soulful singer-songwriter Drew sings with many bands, including Rachel Drew & the Bitter Roots.

Phil Angotti & Friends serenades w/BeeGees "Gold"

 Phil Angotti will perform all of Bee Gees "Gold." Chicago Legend Angotti is best known for his work in The Idea and The Beatle Brothers. (Phil also doesn't have a website, but here's a song he'll be

Price: $10