Thu, Apr 23 - 9pm - $7


Shadow of the Titan

 "Shadow of the Titan" is a nomadic, epic alternative, rock band hailing from North America. Beginning as a solo project from multi-instrumentalist, Stephen Mortensen, "Shadow" is intent on bringing energy and nuance to the forefront of its sound. As intense as it can be light, noting significant influences from Phoenix, Foo Fighters, & Nada Surf, "Shadow" is a tour of all the corners that rock and roll can possibly extend. Featuring heavy drums, chugging bass, soaring guitars, and harmonic vocals, "Shadow" exists for fans who want their music intricately layered, smartly designed, and reliably tantalizing.

The Runaway Five

 A love of loud guitars, square wave synth leads, and impressive video game collections brought two nerds together in the city of Chicago to play "sci-fi": a retro synthesis of chiptune, synth rock, and dance punk with a nostalgic sense of pop -- the kind of music someone in an 80s movie might have imagined people would listen to in the future. Wearing labcoats, the high-energy duo sings songs about robots, dragons in spacesuits, and endangered species. The Runaway Five were born in the desert, but live in the future of twenty years ago.

Colin Morris

 Colin Morris is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from Akron, Ohio. He's been composing melodic, alternative rock since childhood piano lessons gave way to experimenting with guitars and drums.  Being the only kid in the house required playing and recording all the instruments himself, and Colin has stuck to that method on his 2015 debut EP, Could Be Anything.  He has performed on guitar, bass, and behind the kit with touring bands throughout the Midwest and has the good fortune of performing with a rotating cast of talented friends. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Price: $7