Thu, Apr 19 - 8:30pm - $12


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Savvy is the only self-proclaimed strangefunk band in the world. With this honor comes great responsibility, and Savvy usually delivers.This show on Nov 30th is very special. It is the second annual ACTual show, where Savvy "acts out" many of the fan favorite songs they have lovingly crafted over their 3 year existence.There is definitely no acting; more like each song materializes in a very physical form. It's a good thing. For clarification, watch the following short clip: is a Chicago-based Strangefunk band. Sometimes danceable, sometimes confusing, most often both, and always interesting. In short, Savvy tries to combine Daft Punk, King Crimson, and XTC into one tight package. In slightly longer, the band consists of several members of This Must be the Band, the only and best Chicago-based Talking Heads Tribute (probably one of the first well-known Strangefunk bands). As such, Savvy understands the necessity for many members of society to get down on a weekly or monthly basis, and they seek to provide such opportunities.Every song Savvy makes goes through years of tweaking, cutting, pasting, glueing, stapling, licking, stamping, etc. Years. Some of the songs you can hear on this very page were first created 5 years ago and still aren't done.But now! Savvy is making all songs it makes available right away as rough drafts. These songs are living, breathing organisms, and you can adjust them how you see fit. Listen and write a message about it, download it and record over it, write lyrics to it, make an interpretive dance, make a video. Everything is good.

Price: $12