SUPERBIG is an alternative rock band, was born and raised in Chicago’s alleys and garages. Educated by older, jaded, local rock stars, and kicked out of every parent’s basement. Molded a new modern rock sound which stars center stage, loud guitars, thunderous drums, and pop rock anthems for anyone who feels just as confused about daily bad decisions they make; believing the best therapy is screaming these songs out.  Jimmy George is lead vocals, and guitar. Anthony Settecase backup vocals and bass. Patrick Senorskibackup vocals and guitar. Blake Jiracek is the drummer. Playing together since 2009.  “There’s still sequins on my couch and on the floor beside the bed. It’s the first I cleaned the house since the last you wore that dress” This is a verse from their hit song SOS. Anthony Settecase who by day enjoys his other passion, food but at night, he likes to get down on all fours as music permeates the air.  Patrick Senorski who spends his days chuckling on the inside because he could just as soon whip up an amp with his trade craft but yet, bring you to your knees when he hits the strings of his guitar.  Blake Jiracek the newest edition who started his first band at 13, can drum out the sounds that SuperBig vibes song after song, while staying true to his love for real, raw, rock and roll. The leader Jimmy George is not only the vocals, guitarist, creative visual, song writer, who at the end of the day, he is glad he was tempted to eat Chinese food all those years ago. Oh, why you ask? His fortune cookie said “Your life will be SUPERBIG”

Past Shows

  • Fri, Dec 19 - 9:30pm - $8
  • Fri, Dec 18 - 8pm - $8
  • Sat, May 26 - 9pm - $10
  • Sat, Jul 20 -8pm - $12