Sun, Jul 21 - 9pm - $13adv/$15door

  Talking Heads tribute band, This Must Be the Band, will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Speaking in Tounges". They will play the album at the very end of the night both nights. There will be a full requests set, short break, second request set for 20 minutes and then the album.

This Must Be the Band

THIS MUST NOT BE THE BAND ANYMORE.... Join us for THREE nights at Martyrs' in Chicago for the end of This Must Be the Band. Yes folks, the final shows. Lead singer/David Byrne of the band, Charlie's words about the decision below... After 7 years, TMBTB is calling it quits. I'm sure that Talking Heads has altered the course of many lives, but few more than all the members of this band. We have had the privilege of playing music we believe in for thousands of excited, strange, lovely, dancing people. We have traveled around the country, seen and done so many fun things, made so many friends. I not only learned how to sing through Heads songs, I somehow found my own voice. Through dissecting albums like Remain in Light and Speaking in Tongues, I learned how to produce my own music. Maybe most importantly, by leading 25 unique people, I learned how to find peace in my own personal relationships. I'm making this decision to shut it down because, much like I imagine David Byrne feels, at one point the music starts making too much sense, the words have been re-created and re-understood too many times, and basically all the juice is gone for me. I believe this is a natural thing, so I'm not too worried about it. Due to the advice of everyone I know, I am hesitant to call these the "Final Shows," since so many bands break up and then do the reunion tour, which then seems more for publicity than fans. However, I know how I work, and I know this is the right decision for me and if I have to eat my words later, no problem. I think I speak for all the past and present members of This Must be the Band when I say that we love the people that come to shows, we love the music and what it stands for, and we are all very thankful for the ride. That's why, for these shows, I've invited every person we've ever played with to come on stage and sing, or dance, or play their instrument for a song or two. There's like 40 people on this list, woah! -Charlie Otto


 With a sound born out of the combination of funk roots with jazz and electronic music, Genome has been impressing audiences with their tight sound and getting them on the dance floor with infectious grooves. Undeniable and unrelenting, Drew Littell, Patrick Dinnen, and Asif Wilson form a rhythm section that will not be stopped. Coupled with the stylings of multi-instrumentalist Xavier Galdon, saxophonist Kyle Madsen, and guitarist Igor Voltchenko, the lush sounds of Genome will have you partying all night long!

Price: $13