Steakhouse Mints

The Steak House Mints are Chicago's most refreshing orch-pop ensemble. The Mints are comprised of former and current members of Filter, Back Yard Tire Fire, Cabaret Diosa, Kick the Cat, & Maggie Speaks."Their sound is an intricate and beautiful style of orchestral pop influenced by the Zombies, Nick Drake and "Pet Sounds"-era Beach Boys as well as more global avatars such as Os Mutantes and Astrud Gilberto." -Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun TimesThe Mints are proud to have been selected by Chicago Metro Mix as one of Chicago's top ten unsigned bands in The 2009 Rock n Vote!

Past Shows

  • Thu, Sep 9 - 9pm - $12
  • Fri, Feb 18 - 9:30pm - $8
  • Fri, Jun 24 - 9pm - $10
  • Fri, Feb 15 - 8:30pm - $8
  • Thu, Dec 19 - 8pm - $8