Sat, Sep 3 - 8pm - $10


Carey Ott

 Carey Ott’s work is a natural and inevitable blending of rock and roll, jazz, and traditional folk culture. He’s a triple threat as an accomplished songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer who’s been engaging audiences across the nation for the last 20 years.  Much like his musical heroes, which include Beatles, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan, Ott has an intrinsic sense of melody, and a gift for writing lyrics that open a port into humanity, like popping a cork from a wine bottle. The desire to truly connect, to touch that sentient part of a person where their life is hard-fought and deeply felt, is the hallmark of Ott’s songs.  "Recommended for audiences who are starved for something fresh yet uncannily comfortable and familiar. The kind of artist whose gifts are seen rarely in any given generation." -Chicago Tribune.  Since moving to Nashville from Chicago in 2005, Carey has dug deep into his songwriting. His new song The Hard Way is the title track of country star Gary Allan’s new album set to follow up the chart-topping success of 2013’s SET YOU FREE.  Carey has cuts with an eclectic collection of artists, including: The Silver Seas - multiple songs, The Greencards - multiple songs (and a 2014 Grammy nomination) Dualtone artist Rebecca Roubion, and Blue Elan Recording Artist Jack Tempchin (Peaceful Easy Feeling, Already Gone).  “We go down into his basement to write, and while we do he’s recording it and playing every instrument, and when we’re done it’s a master. That guy is going to be heard from a lot more. He’s a genius and a great music guy.” -Jack Tempchin.  Carey’s songs have been heard on TV shows and in films like: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Gates, Make It Or Break It, Kyle XY, Unnecessary Roughness, Brazil’s hit telenovela Malhação, The Killing Of John Lennon, 37 and in ads for Coors Light, JCPenney, Dell Computers, Piraeus Bank and Burton Snowboards. "Carey Ott is a leading singer/songwriter with an intelligent, evocative pop/rock style that “bridges generations, smashes genre walls, and can make you effortlessly groove and endlessly dream at the same time” (Chicago Tribune).

Dance Bullies

 Dance Bullies has been brewing for some time now. Songwriter Colleen Harvey has been writing bits and pieces of songs her entire life. Some of her first memories were of lyrics floating through her head. The more they came, the more she realized that she needed to get them out. Fast forward to 2012. A random chance encounter lead her to Katie Bender (Medicine Bear and the Herbal Remedies.) An immediate connection to music, life, and laughter was made, and from there, the Dance Bullies began their journey.  Along the way, more wonderful additions have made their way to the music. Justin Cape (Scientist, Taken by the Sun) joins on drums, Jeff Lyman (Dead Sheriff) and Mark Cichra (Taken by the Sun) add lead and rhythm guitars (and other stringed goods), and Dina Simone (The Sunbursts) keeps it all together on bass.  Playing across the Chicago area from Beat Kitchen and Tonic Room to Evanston’s SPACE, and opening for national acts such as Hurray for the Riff Raff, Dance Bullies goal is to supply you with music that makes your body move, your soul sing, and songs that bring you to someplace magical, wherever that may.

The Imperial Sound

Featuring current and former members of The New Duncan Imperials, Expo 76, and the Bama Lamas, the mighty ImpSo matches their instantly memorable pop hooks with the drive of 70's soul. Watch out for special surprise guests -- The Imperial Sound has recently been keeping company with the likes of Bobby Cornelius, Kelly Hogan, and Peter Himmelman.

Price: $10