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  D’Lux was founded on January 5, 2005, a Haitian Chicago based band with a mission to bring people together through konpa music. D'Lux Mizik has done just that for the past 13 years and continues to bring people together locally and internationally. D'Lux Mizik has toured and played live in various Venues in the Midwest such as: Millennium Park outdoor concerts in Chicago, Washington Park annual Festival, ABC7 television, New York, World Creole festival in Dominica and in Haiti. D'lux Mizik also performs live on a regular basis in Chicago. D'Lux Mizik has achieved massive success through the release of its two studio albums, titled Tap Pa Dap and Problem Pap Fini. As you can see, D’lux Mizik is a rapidly growing group of talented musicians. The band has seen rapid growth in their fan base, and attracts a great crowd at every performance. D’lux Mizik attracts people of all ages.

Flash Mizik

 A group of talented and ambitious young musicians have jumped into this big adventure consisting in seducing music lovers with the rhythm of pure Compa music played by Flash Music.Their hard and consistent work has put them at the top of their community as evidenced by their achievement of the past 7 years. The release of their album ‘Succès’ has made them the best group of the moment giving them the opportunity to present spectacular performances and choreographies. In 2014 Flash music was named the great revelation of the year in the Mizik Kreyol festival of Montreal. In 2016 it won a competition that was highlighting similar musical groups.In the beginning of 2019, Flash music was invited in Martinique where, in three performances, it conquered the hearts of the islanders with its professionalism. That was an undeniable success that gave Flash Mizik the title of number one of Canada.Put us to the test and you will be more than satisfied.

BG Chiwilibibi

 Jhemson Jocelyn, better known by his stage name as Bg Chiwilibibi is a young talented Haitian singer, producer and songwriter known for creating numerous hits for bands, different artists and as a solo artist. Born in 1990 in les Cayes, Haiti. Bg Chiwilibibi debuted his Career on stage with mélomane band in 2012, where He wrote his first carnival song and was awarded a carnival float that year. Five months later four other musicians and him went on to create a band named Star Plus. That did not last because Bg was called by G7 band in 2013, a band at that moment , every singer wanted to be a part of. He wrote three carnivals for them and a hit song titled “Pouvoir lanmou”. In 2016 his career really took of with Nubel where he lasted four years before finding success as a solo artist with his hit single “obéyi lanmou” that he released in 2018. In November of 2018, Bg joined D’Lux Mizik as the lead singer, songwriter for the group. He wrote two hit singles title ou “Mechan” which is vidéoclip and “Mwen livrem” two songs that have a lot of positive feedback from fans, social media’s, radios and TV worldwide. Both singles can be found on YouTube. He is now producing an album for D’Lux that will come out later this year. Bg also wrote two singles “apran padone” and “Pa banm do” for Flash Mizik, Canada where he is featuring in both songs and video. Bg is a beast on stage. He moves his audience in a way that no one else can. He is a energetic young artist who keeps on proving himself in this industry. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Price: $20