Sat, Jan 6 - 9pm - $10


Ponds and Fleshman


The Diff


Booty Movement Coalition

Brainchild of renowned Chicago-based jazz and funk siren Typhanie Monique, The BMC brings together some of Chicago’s most diverse musical talent to give groove lovers, dance fans and die-hard improv lovers a unique, never-to-be-repeated experience in Chicago’s live music scene.


The group improvises every song. Yes, you read right. Every song is improvised. The chosen players are all esteemed craftsmen of their particular instrument. Talent is certainly not wasted in this band, neither is the creative process which you can witness at it's inception. In the moment, minute, measure, the group instinctively communicates to bring something musical to the table. High energy horn-hitting HOUSE tunes, Hip-Hop bouncing rhymes and grooves, LATIN-based danceable ditties, WORLD-oriented off meter solo-spinning jams and SOULful lyrical content that absorbs the audience with each song taking them on a musical journey. The summer of 2008, The BMC was conceived to hold down a two year once a month stint at the acclaimed Chicago club, Martyrs'. The group continues to perform for private events, festivals and clubs in and out of Chicago.

Price: $10