Sat, Dec 30 - 9pm - $20


Henhouse Prowlers

 Ten years in the making, Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers have built a reputation for hard work and non-stop touring, playing music inspired by the roots of bluegrass while branching out into a sound uniquely their own. From lightning fast picking, to sentimental ballads—playing storied original material, traditional songs, and contemporary covers—The Prowlers’ live show leaves no one wanting. Their most recent album “Breaking Ground” grew out of collaboration and time well spent, having completed it within months of multiple cross-country US tours and the band’s third trip to Europe. Produced by Greg Cahill (Grammy nominated band-leader of Special Consensus), with special guests Josh Williams (of Rhonda Vincent and the Rage) and Anders Beck (of Greensky Bluegrass), this recording packs punch after punch.The band recently performed with the US State Department on two separate trips in five different countries in Central and West Africa, as well as heading back to Europe in the spring of 2014 for their largest tour abroad to date. The Prowlers continue to push the envelope with their highly original songwriting, tight arrangements, and electrifying stage presence. With the bluegrass mantle on their shoulders and the best fans in the world by their side, The Henhouse Prowlers are here to stay for a long, long time. 

Sun Beard

 Sun Beard started in late September '14 at 3AM, fireside with friends. My friend Jaik and I were jamming and ended up writing the first song of the album('Ain't Gonna Die'). In the space between the notes, we could hear that coyotes had come nearby and were starting to howl along with us. We also had this crazy long shooting star light up the sky directly above us. It was a sublime night. That vibe carried forward with a handful of recording sessions throughout the year at both Oxide Lounge and IV Lab Studios. The end result was a fun writing and recording project amongst friends. The album went on to be called, 'The Night'. A lot of great friends and family donated their time and creativity to these songs, and I'm so thankful for them and their generosity. Much love everyone! - Matt Robinson.

Price: $20