Sat, Apr 21 - 9pm - $15


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The Diggity

For eight years their sound has evolved. Following an exchange of musicians and a wave of new musical roots, The Diggity now highlights the talent of seven individuals from Northwest Indiana that work to create an original sound built on the foundation of diverse musical interests. The group has achieved a new sound over the past two years with additional keyboards, backing vocals, drum samples, and songwriting styles. Funky, electronic rock music would sum up the sound of The Diggity in the fewest of words. Many genres, including hip hop, blues, jazz, and electronica have influenced the music that is not only performed live by the group but recorded locally in northwest Indiana. Following the June 2010 release of “Another Wondrous Conversation,” the band will release their third album in the winter of 2012. A powerful live performance has found The Diggity touring around the midwest, playing frequently at music festivals, clubs, and bars in both Indiana and neighboring states. The Diggity is here to bring together friends and share their sound.

w/ late night set from DJ NoDJ

 DJ noDJ plays all that hot DJ music, but they play it in human form. For these shows, they will play a non-stop Daft Punk afterset.

Price: $15