Sandra Antongiorgi

Soulful. Raw. Powerful. Authentic. Visionary. These are only a few of the words used to describe Sandra Antongiorgi, a multi-talented artist with a passion for music, visual arts and education that is deeply rooted in community and culture. An accomplished singer, songwriter and painter, Sandra’s life experience in Chicago and inherent talent have weaved together to produce a diverse and impressive body of work in the arts. Born into a musically driven Puerto Rican family, she began singing and playing guitar at the age of five. Today, Sandra’s music, influenced by traditional Caribbean sounds, Soul, R&B, Rumba and Gitano, is an expression of a World, Latin, Neo-Soul sound. Sandra’s talent also transcends her love of music. She launched a visual arts career at 15 years old, embracing a rare opportunity to study under illustrious and established muralists and artists. Her gifted use of paint and formation of concept has led to contributions to scores of murals dotting a city known for the character of its strong neighborhoods. Sandra's work has been showcased in museums and exhibitions throughout Chicago, including the School of the Art Institute and the National Museum of Mexican Art. She is a champion of children's rights and works to expose the damage caused by family violence, incarceration and systematic marginalization. Sandra has taught art education as part of programming at the Chicago Public Schools and continues to maintain a connection to her community through her music and public and studio art.

Past Shows

  • Tue, May 5 - 8pm - $7
  • Sat, Aug 11 - 9pm - $10adv/$12door