Phil Angotti

 Phil Angotti has become a household name in the power-pop musical world, especially in his hometown Chicago where he's been performing for 20 years now. He has performed as a solo act through-out his career, and with several bands, most notably the Fleas, the Scuffle, the Beatle Brothers, Not the Beatles (with Brad & Graham Elvis) and his long-time original group, the Idea.  He has released 10 different albums over the years, been on several CD compilations and tributes, and has made numerous radio appearances as a solo artist, Beatle Brother and leader of the Idea. Known for his strong lead vocals and versatile harmony singing, he is also an innovative guitarist (acoustic and electric). His style is diverse mixture of British 60's power pop, American folk rock, and modern guitar pop, played mostly with an explosive energy and sensibility. As a songwriter - he has proven again and again he can write melodies and hooks with the best of them and his penned numerous original songs (108 recorded to date). 

Past Shows

  • Fri, Aug 6 - 9:30pm - $8
  • Sat, Jun 18 - 9pm - $8
  • Fri, Nov 23 - 8:30pm - $12
  • Fri, Mar 15 - 9pm - $8
  • Fri, Jan 17 - 7:30pm - $25
  • Fri, Aug 1 - 9pm - $8
  • Thu, Jun 11 - 8pm - $7
  • Sat, Jun 18 - 9pm - $10