The Phantom Broadcast

 The Phantom Broadcast is an alternative rock group from Chicago, IL (formerly Urbana, IL) stemming from multi-instrumentalist Evan Opitz.  We aim to create music that pushes the boundaries of Indie Rock and Pop music with the influence of Folk, Jazz, and Classical elements. The result yields instrumentation atypical to rock music, lively improvisation expanding from shorter recorded versions of the songs, and a new approach to the performance of each song every time it is played. Our influences range from Radiohead and Fleet Foxes to Miles Davis and Claude Debussy.  Over the past 5 years we have released two full-lengths (Orphic Hymns, Until Next Time) and one ep (Sublimation Love) as a full band. We are currently finishing up our most recent Self-Titled record which we tracked at Earth Analog Studio by Colin Althaus (Tara Terra) and mastered by Rick Fritz (Audiotree). With our new music in hand we plan on taking over the midwest circuit.  Over the last few years, we have performed at virtually almost every venue in Champaign/Urbana including The Accord, The Canopy Club, Cowboy Monkey, Mike N Molly's (RIP), Exile on Main St. (Record Store Day), Thee Deathtower, and more. In addition, we have played scattered shows all over the midwest including Chicago, Gurnee, Willow Springs, etc.

Past Shows

  • Mon, Dec 12 - 8pm - $7