Nick Alvarez Ghost & Bell Ensemble

 Nick Alvarez has been fixated on drumset since grade school band throughout his musical experience and education. He prefers using a small, minimal drumset of a particular make and sound alongside a minimal percussion set up as a launching pad for musical conversation. Rhythmic navigation, improvisation, instant composition and health have been an avenue for Nick approaching on 26 years, and is no different to him than playing in the woods, swimming, skateboarding and bicycling in mind, spirit and economy of motion.A music lover in general and being in multiple bands of different genres at the same time he finds extreme joy in the abundance of searching, process and sound. Experimental, Jazz and Improvised music of many kinds are usually first on his list of desired musical scenarios.Chicago has been home for almost 20 years yet there will be moments he shows up at places all around you're not expecting; very much a mysterious running theme in this instrumentalists' outgoing independence. Playing music with everybody as much as possible every day. You can find him also taking the interesting social rewards and risks of busking with a band on the street daily and weekly. Demonstrating elements of defiance and abundance all in one. Having studied with percussionist Chad Edward Taylor upon arriving in Chicago in '99, Nick also draws constant inspiration from guitarist Jeff Parker, as well as independent music venues and recordings from all over.His apartment in Pilsen has been a fixture for friends to improvise weekly. All of which can be found on his YouTube channel. The Ghost and Bell Ensemble is a continuing representation of the working and thriving improvised music community in Chicago that many of us call upon daily for performance, touring and recording desires and needs.

Past Shows

  • Fri, Oct 19 - 9pm - $15adv/$17door