Mon, Nov 10 - 8pm - $7


The Devilish Winks

The Devilish Winks are sojourners of the sonic spectrum, six musicians conjuring tour-de-force whirlwinds from the four corners of the musical globe. The band is built on the solid-as-a-rock rhythm section foundation of drummer Nick Christiansen and bassist Rudy Bless, given a lush and harmonically milky middle by acoustic guitarist Neil Huff and keyboardist Sandy Van Laningham, made to shimmer and shine by clarinetist (and saxophonist) Dov Turner, and called down to the River Styx with the romp and wail of Dave Keller's electric guitar wizardry. On top of all this sit harmony rock vocals inspired by 60's and 70's rock and folk, sung by Neil, Sandy and Nick. It's not quite rock, not quite classical, not quite folk, not quite metal, it's The Devilish Winks.


Impossible! was formed in under the thrum of the Chicago El trains, two to five hundred​​ years ago, depending on who you ask.  Ranging from whimsical to funereal, from metal gruff to operatic, Impossible!’s music is a post-rock, electronic, and neo-classical riot, with a squeak of kazoo to finish. Armed with this smorgasbord of wild harvested and farm-to-table flavors, Impossible! is preparing to release their debut album, Invisible Trajectories spring 2016, a mix of wild homages and original songs.

Old Grand Dad

 Old Grand Dad is a Chicago based Rockabilly Band that wants to get you On Your Feet!

Price: $7