Mon, Feb 5 - 8pm - $10


John Mead’s Conspiracy Theories

 John Mead is a Chicago-based musician, writer, artist, and teacher. He is known for playing with many bands at Martyrs', including Great Moments In Vinyl, Coyotes, Rachel Drew & the Bitter Roots, Crumbs Off The Table, and more.

Boundary Waters

 Boundary Waters is a Chicago-based band with emo roots, pop sensibilities, and post-rock textures. Boundary Waters began as a studio project with an EP released in 2013 and began playing live in Chicago in 2017.

Steph & the Elements

 Steph and the Elements" is a Chicago-based project led by Stephanie Jensen. Stephanie is a soulful pop singer and songwriter, with a voice that's "easy to fall in-love with" (composer Michael Markowski). "The Elements" are Steph's sassy and talented friends: John Mead (guitar), Jill Wolf (drums), TJ McLeish (bass), and Yoko Yamamoto (keys).

Price: $10