Mister E. Machine

 Mister E. Machine is an Indie-Glam Pop band based out of Chicago that combines acoustic rock with indie/pop elements to create a layered rock sound.  Mister E. Machine’s debut album ‘Shooting Stars’ was named ‘the best acoustic album of the last few years’ by Rock in Chicago Magazine. The group achieved a successful Kickstarter campaign for their music video “Rosa Marie”, a song about lead singer Manny Capozzi’s sister Rosa who helped him survive years of childhood bullying.  Comprised of singer/guitarist Manny Capozzi, drummer/producer Chuck Harling, and bassist/singer Melissa Kemper, Mister E. Machine is currently working on their sophomore album “The Stone Wall’ which will feature local crowd hits like ‘The Grindr Song’ as well as the title track ‘The Stone Wall’. The follow up will be produced by Chuck Harling and recorded and mixed in full analog format by Steve Witt with Reel Recorders Studio.

Past Shows

  • Thu, May 31 - 8pm - $7