Marcus Rezak’s Zappa X

 Currently living in Los Angeles, CA and native of Chicago, Marcus Rezak has been performing and recording extensively with the legendary bassist/clonemeister for Frank Zappa 78-84, assistant composer to Georgio Moroder, and novelist, Mr. Arthur Barrow. In addition, Marcus is performing with Chad Wackerman drummer for FZ, Alan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, and more. Bringing forth the wisdom, experience, and approach gained from spending time with Barrow and Wackerman, Marcus Rezak’s Zappa X is a fusion of interpretation brought to light via a top pedigree Chicago musicians Chris Clemente (bass), Paul Mutzabaugh (Synth), Rick Vitek (Drums) or Rich Stitzel TBA, and Christian Rogala (per/vox). 

Past Shows

  • Thu, Mar 16 - 8pm - $10