Mano is a heavy rock chimera breaking through beyond the gate, spewing flames from its neck, the inside of which is armored with scar tissue from infancy onwards. It has waited all its life for its righteous moment of power and is hell bent on annihilation. Completion is a vision bathed in embers; metamorphosing in an instant from middle eastern-grooves to tumultuous rock frenzies. The collective members of Mano push their razor-sharp tones to the limit in virtuosic group improvisation. At its core, Mano is a rock trio, but at its most barren, Mano brings the moment down to a simmer bustling with subterranean tension instituted largely in part by the [insert pretentious adjective] string section. A flute tops this most unholy concoction. The sonic tendencies invoke images of desolate sandscapes with the dusty copper only interrupted by the black of the ashen state of now dissolved life.

Past Shows

  • Fri, Jun 20 - 9pm - $10
  • Thu, Aug 11 - 7:30pm - $10