The Magic Beans

 Seamlessly combining acoustic roots music and traditional instruments with modern technology and amped up dance music, The Magic Beans are as unique as their place of origin, the Colorado Rockies. The group’s diverse approach to music leaves no genres off the table and no one left out; many times resulting in one song spanning several styles within a singular composition. The Beans use no pre-recorded tracks or computers in favor of a more traditional approach to music. Original songwriting, diverse instrumentation and a deep musical bond between the musicians is what sets the band apart. Fans have coined terms like “spacefunk”, “ameritronica”, and “groove grass” to try to describe the music they hear from The Magic Beans, and the band embraces these terms and all input from their fanbase to create what is truly a collaborative musical effort. Music that moves your mind and your hips while inspiring a good time is what The Magic Beans are all about. After all, “Music is magic, magic is life (Jimi Hendrix).”

Past Shows

  • Thu, Sep 8 - 9pm - $14adv/$16door
  • Fri, Mar 31 - 9pm - $10adv/$12door