John Ballantyne's Crazy Heart

More often than not, the road to country music stardom originates in Texas, Tennessee, or another time-honored Southern destination. John Ballantyne’s story arc reads way different.  Fast becoming recognized as one of Chicago’s premier country singers and songwriters, Ballantyne was born and raised in Scotland, though you’d never know it from his earthy vocal delivery and immaculate lead guitar. Both resonate with the twang and raunch of classic honky-tonk country, also known these days as Americana. A frequent presence on the Chicago club circuit, John and his band Crazy Heart ( Bassist Gus Noble, and drummer Leslie Walle-Santos) will take their musical exploits to a whole new level this year, building on a recent hugely successful tour of Scotland , the highlight of which was two mainstage appearances at the prestigious Tiree Music Festival.

Past Shows

  • Thu, Aug 22 - 8pm - $20
  • Tue, Jan 21 - 8pm - $7
  • Thu, Aug 14 - 7pm - $10
  • Tue, Aug 16 - 7pm - $20
  • Thu, Aug 17 - 8pm - $15