Hammerhead Sharks

 Hammerhead Sharks was formed in 2001, as the brainchild of Tim Madden and Chris Melnyk in Oak Park, IL. Jake Hartz (guitars/vocals) and Joe Meade (keyboards) later joined the group. They established a following by playing shows at Cornerstone and Pilgrim churches, with fan favorite songs including 'I Like Hammerhead Sharks', 'The Leprechaun' and 'The Baboon'. They reached the height of their popularity when they played the Oak Park Arms Ballroom in January '06 before going on hiatus. Their music style is an eclectic mix of post-grunge, avant-garde and 'drop-D' jams.

Past Shows

  • Sat, Sept 10 - 1:30pm - $25 - TIX AVAIL AT THE DOOR!