Goran Ivanovic Trio

 Credibly both multi- and counter-cultural, Goran Ivanovic—from the group Eastern Blok and AKGI Guitar Duo—comes up with a unique musical language that melts together his Balkan roots with flamenco and Latin guitar traditions. The Goran Ivanovic Trio includes Matt Ulery on bass and Pete Tashjian on drums. "Serbian-American classical nylon-string guitarist Ivanovic play unabashedly beautiful music that is as captivatingly melodic and cinematic as it is technically and compositionally sophisticated" -Guitar Player Magazine. "Best album of 2013" -Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

Upcoming Shows

Past Shows

  • Sun, Mar 9 - 7pm - $15
  • Wed, May 28 - 8pm - $8
  • Wed, Jul 23 - 8pm - $12
  • Wed, Aug 26 - 8pm - $20 - 17&over