Fri, May 24 - 9:30pm - $8


Furious Frank

Furious Frank performs a high energy gypsy-carnival rock that is neither traditional nor nostalgic, but instead a fresh fusion of familiar styles re-imagined for listeners demanding something new. Dance rhythms, frenzied mandolin riffs and soaring horns combine to create an incomparable but irresistible sound. Sharing the stage with The Wailers and Buckwheat Zydeco, regularly compared to Calexico, Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello, the band defies simple description. But rest assured, they are far from subtle.


Mooner was formed in Portland, OR in 2007. Brothers Lee and David Ketch grew up listening to Wilco, Television and Tom Petty and recorded and played together throughout the Portland area. They now live in Chicago, IL. Multiple versions of the live band have come and gone. One band in Portland was made up of their 14-year-old brother, their 50-year-old father and their half-Japanese friend. Another band in Chicago was comprised of their housemates and friends. Now, who knows who is in this band. They recently recorded an EP at Klickitat Band Camp in Portland, OR with engineer Jeremy Sherrer (J Mascis, Richmond Fontaine) and recently finished their first tour around the Midwest. 

Secret Science

 "...(Secret Science) is really more of a Frankenstein creation. And I do mean that in a good way. These basement technicians dug up the freshly-buried forms of punk rock, shocked them with a thousand jiggawatts of raw human energy and infused some late ’90s rock sensibilities about how far noise alone can carry an idea. This is post-punk: the don’t-give-a-[flip] recklessness of Skulls (Misfits, 1982) tempered by the compelling pop-logic of My Name is Jonas (Weezer, 1994)." Kevin Whelan, Indie Monday

Price: $8