Fri, May 1 - 8pm - $15


The Right Now

 The Right Now's pop-meets-soul sound is more than a vehicle for Stefanie Berecz's captivating voice. The celebration of thoughtful, catchy songwriting and intricate arrangements evokes a subtle sophistication in the tradition of Quincy Jones’ 70s and 80s masterpieces. Since 2008 the band has toured much of the United States and released three acclaimed albums, racking up placements in television, national commercials, and the multi-million-selling video game Watch Dogs.

Terrible Spaceship

Terrible Spaceship, Chicago’s premier science fiction dance band, rediscovers media from the past and resuscitates it into a modern music and video multimedia experience. Utilizing both samples and live instrumentation for its original scores, the band has been described by the Chicago Tribune as "equally influenced by Danny Elfman, Portishead and Orson and H.G. Welles." It's science fiction you can dance to.

The Nubile Thangs

  YES! Just like trickle down economics, The Nubile Thangs! Are BACK and they have come to rock you, against your better judgement as well as against other people.By now, you know the tale: 5 young men filled with dreams of stardom spendtheir 20’s kicking ass and taking names across the US with their inimitable brandof garage rock combined with 60’s R&B. Armed with a live show so powerful thatit came with a money-back guarantee, the band gained tens of fans over 4albums, multiple TV appearances, and many tours criss-crossing the US andCanada. They’ve shared the stage with bands like Los Lobos, The Verve Pipe, 2Skinnee J’s, Bumpus, and many, many more. In 2001, the band took a hiatus,only to realize later that no one likes being on hiatus.As a result, the band revived their career, and are now celebrating their 30th year together, bringing back their take-no-prisoners style combined with an additional crankiness that can only mean one thing: ROCK AND ROLL.

Price: $15