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The Bambir

 Probably one of the most famous bands in Armenia, The Bambir is a music collective spanning 4 decades. With more than fifty musicians having passed through its ranks, the band has now moved into its second generation, with sons of the original members making up a new four-piece ensemble.The Bambir describe themselves as “flavored by progressive rock, vibrations in stones, Daoism, James Joyce, Rumi, Japanese poetry, acrobatic tongue twisters and fingerpickings and harmonies at 3am when the beer, the tea, and the cigarettes have all run out.” They have played in Moscow, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Beirut, Georgia, Greece and all over Armenia. In January 2012 they made the decision to make a go of breaking into the European market, and moved to Dublin for 6 months. Their incredible musicianship and intense energy on-stage made them stand out immediately, and it wasn’t long before they were booked for festivals like KnockanStockan, No Place Like Dome, Body&Soul and Electric Picnic. They became known for their relentless gigging, sometimes playing 3 shows/night. They appeared on local radios and State (magazine) called them "Ireland's hairiest and hardest working band," featuring them as part of their 2012 Electric Picnic coverage.The Bambir's notoriety is growing now as they are attracting more international attention. The band is set to release a new album in April 2015.


 Marrow is a new four-piece indie rock band from Chicago. Three of the band's four members hail from the much-celebrated Kids These Days, which called it quits last May. "I'm really pleased and happy with the support from Kids These Days fans" says Marrow's guitarist and vocalist Liam Cunningham. "It's totally different music so it's really cool to us that the same people still dig it." "Totally different" it is. Whereas KTD's tunes had horns, soulful rhythms and raps a la now solo hip hop artist Vic Mensa, Marrow offers a more rock-steady approach to Cunningham and keyboardist Macy Stewart's (also a former Kids These Days member) songwriting. Cunningham listed bands like Grizzly Bear, Thundercat and Deerhoof as major influences. Being in a band is nothing new to the members of Marrow but Liam admitted the shift in musical direction feels like "starting from square one." Cunningham and Stewart were fresh graduates of Whitney Young High School when they hit the road with KTD. Now, at just 20 years old, they're celebrating another successful, and ambitious, release under their new moniker. Marrow released its debut two-song EP TWO earlier this month along with a single music video encompassing both songs.

The Boxers

 A five-piece rock band from Chicago, the Boxers, with 2 guitars, a bass, drums, keys, and 3 vocalists, take inspiration from the old school rock 'n' roll sounds of the '50s and '60s. Evoking the sweet harmonies of the Beach Boys and the soulful song construction of The Beatles, they also add their own contemporary twist, reflecting their deep roots in the Chicago music scene. All experienced musicians, they can go from grooving tight beach pop to jamming psych-blues in a blink.

Price: $10