Fri, Jul 17 - 9pm - $8


Beast Warrior

 At the outermost fringe of the universe, far beyond the range of sentient thought, they were born. Four beings, spawned forth from the unholy union of dark matter and the semen of God. For eons they have grown powerful beyond comprehension, enveloping stars, entire solar systems, with their presence. They have eaten suns. They have shat galaxies. They have tasted the sweat of the purest virgins.The collective consciousness of the demigods has encompassed all of time and space. Knowledge of the dawning of life and of six different apocalypses fills their minds. Their gargantuan and pulsating influence yet expands, even to the mortal realm, silently but swiftly penetrating the spongy and waiting minds of the human race. Women lie with their clothes rended from their bodies, their naked flesh exposed and their minds rotted, maniacal babble exploding from their lips. They speak of lands undreamed, creatures blacker than the deepest abyss, and a name: Baldor...

Pound of Flesh

 In 2000, Pound of Flesh released their debut record "Red & Black" and received critical acclaim and support from 250+ radio stations across the US and charted within the top five of several of those stations.During performing regionally in support of the POF record, Darrell met Al Jourgersen from "Ministry" and he came on board to produce the record. Darrell was stoked—. Al Jourgensen is the godfather of industrial music and the fact that he wanted to produce his record... words cannot express Darrell's excitement. It wasn't too long after Darrell started working with Al when he was asked if i'd be interested in playing keyboards for the 2003 Ministry tour. He said hell yeah and headed off to Hell Passhole for Ministry boot camp rehearsals then hit the road.He came back to play keyboards on the 2004 Ministry tour, and while on the road he wrote and recorded tunes with Mike Scaccia and Louis Svitek. A couple of the tracks they worked on together will be included on the new POF record. He had an incredible time and felt very lucky to have the opportunity to tour with such a legendary group and all the madness that it was. In 2005 Darrell worked with Al in Hell Passhole doing keyboard and engineering work on Ministry "Ranthology", Revolting cocks "cocked and loaded", and Ministry Rio Grande blood records which earned him a couple grammy nominations. He continued to work with Ministry until 2006 when he felt it was time to get back home to Chicago.The next couple of years Darrell worked with guitarist Mike Scaccia ( Ministry , Rigor Mortis ) and wrote a bunch of Metal tunes together. Halloween 2010 Darrell felt it was time to get back to work on Pound of Flesh. Mixing his experiences with Ministry with his style of industrial/dance music has created a new hybrid of music that won't be denied.2012 is here and the shylock is back for his Pound of Flesh.We will all pay the price.

Scars of Armageddon

 Scars of Armageddon is a power/thrash metal band formed in March 2011.  Through the wonders of the internet, S.O.A. was formed in March of 2011 by George Lohan who was looking to finally bring his musical vision into fruition after many failed attempts joining other bands. Finding Erik Michael and Jason Krieger proved to be the catalyst needed. The songs were writing themselves and ideas were flowing out at every practice, but there still needed to be a voice behind the band. During the audition process, a charismatic and energetic David Kraus made the decision very easy. After spending the remainder of the year writing, it was finally time to unleash the beast now known as Scars Of Armageddon. After a couple of necessary lineup changes, the band is now looking to decimate, one audience at a time.

Price: $8