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Dick Prall

 Now poised to self-release two EPs within the span of only a few months, Prall is not only songwriter and performer, but has taken on the role of producer, as well. The first EP, simply titled Inc., contains five songs that fuse lush vocals, straight-forward guitars, hypnotic drums, and sugary-affected strings with undeniably catchy-as-hell melodies, accumulating into a powerhouse of oddly pop-fueled gems. If he can keep up the pace of releasing EPs every few months as he’s intending, and they’re anywhere near the quality of Inc., then every season will be a welcome change.

Clip Art

 "Fans of pop music rejoice. Chicago’s Clip Art are here to pull that dirtiest of dirty words out of the trash heap of history and restore it to its rightful place."--Loud Loop Press"The crowning jewel of the five-song EP is the first track, an upbeat rocker called "Dead Letter" with an effortlessly wonderful chorus that grabs you almost instantly. Deeper in, "I Was Gone," "Better" and the title track are exercises in heartfelt soul-pop calling to mind greats such as Elvis Costello, Squeeze and Aimee Mann... "Dead Letter" alone would make Broken by Design highly recommended summer listening for any fan of indie pop or power pop. The fact that there are four other excellent tunes on the EP is just icing on the cake."--Chicago Examiner / Windy City Rock"With a background of interest in filmmaking and a day job as a public radio producer, Rosenstein has a more unique concept of the songwriting process than most."--Newcity Chicago"We could spend time trying to draw comparisons between Clip Art's eclectic style and other artists, but the infectious pop of songs like "Dead Letter" stands on it own."--ChicagoistBroken By Design is the debut EP from Clip Art, the musical vehicle of songwriter Andy Rosenstein. In late 2008, the one-time public radio producer and long-time Chicago sideman was underwhelmed by his career and looking for alternatives. Tired of sitting back and watching his pop songs wither on the vine, he set out to create a new project that could realize them. He recruited a roster of the city's finest studio hands and set to work. The group, which included guitarist Aaron Bakker (Dorian Taj), drummer Adam kaltenhauser and bassist Matt Schuessler (This Is Me Smiling) recorded at night through the summer of 2009. In September, the studio band made their live debut at Chicago’s venerated Hideout Inn. Since releasing Broken By Design, Clip Art has continued performing and writing to a growing chorus of praise in print and on radio.

Price: $10