Fri, Jan 27 - Doors Open 6:30 - Show 7pm - $35 - TIX AVAIL AT DOOR!


Tickets available at the Door!


Bands for Bell 19 featuring...

Bands for Bell is an annual fundraiser held at Martyrs’ by former Bell parents Ray Quinn and Kate HillThis evening celebrates the musical talents of Bell School Faculty and Parents.

Teacher's Pet


Chicago Drum Battery

 With its use of Brazilian drums and percussion, Chicago Drum Battery plays a high-energy mix of traditional samba batucada rhythms mixed with contemporary funk beats.



Harvey Midnight

 Harvey Midnight is a Chicago bluesy rock band with melodic hooks and clever word play. Fans of Spoon, the Black Keys and Band of Horses will find plenty to like throughout their original set of well crafted songs.

Martin Van Ruin


Mill Creek Jumble


Price: $35