Fri - Feb 16 - 9pm - $8


Marsh Boys

 Marsh Boys is a group of five young men writing and performing rock music in Chicago. The band's three guitars and powerful rhythm section create arrangements and textures ranging from subtly complex to driving and explosive, supported with at-times instrument-like vocals. With influences of 90s alternative, indie, folk, and classic rock, this band aims to take Chicago listeners into the marsh.

Weird Beard

 Weird Beard is a Chicago based pop rock band that blends modern sounds with old school blues rock and soul. Comprised of singer/guitarist Mark Stevens, drummer Ryan Berger, multi -instrumentalists Kevin Stevens, and Matt Settle along with saxaphonist Spencer Rose - the group brings a heavy rock edge tinged with a powerful horn section to create a sound that is sure to keep you wanting more. Weird Beard has frequented many venues in the Chicago area including the House of Blues. Recorded material is currently available to listen on Spotify.


 Hyperplane is an alternative/rock/blues combo from Chicago (and its related western burbs). Their first eponymous EP was produced by Steven Gillis at Transient Sound and released in 2015. Since then, the band has been honored to play some of the best venues in Chicago over the past two years, including Metro, House of Blues and Navy Pier, and is looking forward to kicking off 2018 at Martyrs, where three of the six members have played several times in other projects since the mid-1990's. This will be Hyperplane's debut show at the venue, with lead vocalist (and solo artist in her own right) Cheryl Rodey adding a formidable vocal presence in addition to some serious trumpet chops.

Price: $8