Fri, Feb 10 - 9pm - $10


The North 41

 The North 41 is a dynamic blend of Rock, Funk, and Jazz, with the danceability of Pop music and sophisticated musicianship that keeps you hanging on every guitar solo, every drum solo, and every whaling keyboard lick. The Chicago-based band has been winning fans all over the Midwest, and even as far as the Colorado Rockies, since 2014.  Founded in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, by Pat Walsh (guitar), Frank Minella (guitar), and Michael Campo (drums), The North 41 began as an instrumental jam-band, with Minella initially on bass. The absence of vocals created a unique environment for improvisation and complex arrangements. As a trio, the band performed at many high school events and won several battle of the bands competitions.  It wasn't until a few years later that the band added Craig Urban (bass) and Walsh's cousin, Riley Pettrone on vocals. This had a great influence on the band's songwriting process and the overall sound of the music. The musicianship had been honed, but now the band could rely on a strong singer to lead the song. Pettrone's charismatic stage performances created an energetic, dance-frenzied show that added to the already tight band.  In 2015, The North 41 released their first LP, Dancing & Praying. The album received a good amount of radio play throughout the midwest, including Chicago's WXRT. Along with the album, the band released music videos for their singles, "Everybody Knows (The Woman Way)" and "Ain't a Fool". Towards the end of the year, Urban was replaced by local bass prodigy, Donoven "Heavy" Brown.  While continuing touring the midwest, The North 41 plans on recording a follow up EP to be released in the summer of 2016. A few live videos are in the works and bigger and better shows is what The North 41 is always striving for.

Jared Rabin

 Jared Rabin is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer from Chicago. He started learning at age five from his grandfather, who was then first chair violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He traveled the world playing violin as a kid. He later taught himself to play guitar and mandolin, and became interested in a wide array of musical styles. He spent two years in LA for college before moving back to Chicago to play professionally.  Jared has spent the last decade pursuing music from all angles. His range has taken him from the violin section of The Chicago Civic Orchestra to the guitar chair in The DePaul Jazz Ensemble. He has long been a mainstay at many Chicago rock clubs. He toured the US with instrumental progressive rock group, The Hue. He has produced commercial music, appears on a slew of records, and can be seen performing frequently in Chicago and across the US with a variety of projects.  Jared's debut solo record, "Something Left to Say" was released in September of 2015 to critical acclaim, and reached #15 on the Roots Music Report Americana Radio charts after receiving nationwide airplay. Jared produced the record and played nearly all the instruments himself. He toured across the country in support throughout 2016. American Songwriter Magazine called the record, "An Americana masterpiece." The title track won First Place (Folk) in the 2016 USA Songwriting Competition. 

Mike Muya

 Mike Muya is a Congolese-born, South African-raised and American-made singer-songwriter,guitarist, and producer based in Chicago IL. His sound interweaves a raw melodic voice withBlues, Acoustic Rock and alternative R&B: ‘Boom-Bap Blues’, he calls it. Crossing the boundaries between musical genres, but also between nations and continents,Mike Muya has always been a nomad. Civil unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congoforced his family to leave the country when he was very young. They moved to Malawi, Zambia,and then again to Durban, South Africa. In this state of constant flux, only sometimes by choice,Mike learned to be open to new ideas...and to new sounds. In South Africa, Mike beganlistening to American classics like Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, and Lightnin' Hopkins. And, at theage of twelve, he began playing the guitar and writing songs, and later performing, establishinga reputation as acoustic Pop.In 2013 he moved again, this time to New York City. In Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood,Mike first felt the pull of the hip hop scene. In the beats of Hip Hop Mike found a way to bringtogether his two great loves--90’s Boom Bap and the blues of his early youth. Under the alias ofBlack Fly Reviews, he began playing gigs all along the East Coast, including at the RockwoodMusic Hall, the Bowery Electric, the Sidewalk Cafe, the Living Room, and the Knitting Factory.In 2015, Mike found a new home and a new life in Chicago, where he has been working on hisEP and has released more videos. As a trained professional graphic and web designer, Mikehas brought his technical skills to bear on his music, teaching himself, with relentlessdetermination, to produce, mix, and make beats using FL Studios. Mike’s is a poetry of rawexpression. His songs explore the intensity of experience, the endless pursuit of a feeling ofbelonging, pushed always by the urge to cross boundaries and exceed all limitations: in music,and in life."My primary goal is to be allowed the privilege to have my music be the soundtrack to a sceneor moment in people's lives."MikeMuyaOfficial.Com

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