Fri, Dec 10 - 8pm - $15 ($20 for both shows)

Miss Exotic World 2005 , Michelle L’amour , is one of the premiere names in modern burlesque. Since 2002, she’s been seen by more than 50 million people on four continents as a result of her awe inspiring performances on stage, television (Semi Finalist for “America’s Got Talent ” – Season One, Featured on “Sexual Healing” – Showtime) and international documentaries (like “What a Booty” and “The Art and Heart of the Tease”). Acclaimed by legends like Dixie Evans and Bunny Yeager (who featured Michelle in her most recent book ) and highly sought after as a burlesque instructor, she’s teased from Sao Paulo to Switzerland, Toronto to London, Los Angeles to Paris.Chicago Magazine calls her “The Reigning Queen of Bump and Grind” and the New York Post says she “Brings Down the House”. But most importantly, David Hasselhoff told her she really “Spiced Up the Show!” (on “America’s Got Talent”).Now I know what you're thinkin'... rock n roll is dead.Well, The Bama Lamas aren't going to sit around and wait to be placed in a nice tidy bucket - they play rock n roll - pure and simple. The kind of raunch you can feel deep down in your soul. Their love for scratchy R&B, Soul, and Rock N Roll 45's brought them together - became their blueprint for saving your sorry souls. The records that make you want to jump out of your skin and hit the dance floor happy just to be alive!

Studio L'amour Striptease Student Showcase

 Studio L’amour opened officially in June of 2008 in response to the overwhelming call for Michelle L’amour to open her own burlesque instruction school. She had been teaching The L’amour Method for many years across the globe (at festivals, workshops, and shows) and took the leap to open her own brick and mortar facility.She opened the space as an invitingly sexy home for her students…a place where sensuality is explored through dance, confidence and social experiences.Located in the heart of The SHOOP (The SHadow Of OPrah – West Loop Gate adjacent to Harpo Studios), Studio L’amour stands as a welcoming oasis for women of all walks of life.

The Bamalamas Burlesque


feat. Michelle L'Amour

 Michelle L’amour’s Chicago Starlets are a one-of-a-kind burlesque company from Chicago. The group, which includes 17 beautiful ecdysiasts (including Miss L’amour herself), is made up entirely of girls who came up through the ranks of Studio L’amour. Several of them even currently teach at the Studio.Besides being a magnificent mob of molls, The Chicago Starlets are the highest rated and most talked about burlesque company in the Midwest. What started as ”student show” (the world’s sexiest dance recital) in 2006 has now turned into a veritable Her-icane of sexy.They’ve travelled internationally and have been featured at all of the top festivals from Tease-O-Rama and New York Burlesque Festival to Toronto Burlesque Festival and B.O.M.B. (Best of the Midwest Burlesk). As of this writing, 5 Starlets have competed in the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame “Exotic World” competition (with our very own Michelle L’amour winning the title in 2005) and many others have been featured in other performances during the festival.With hit shows like the long running “Lipshtick” and the brand new “Belles and Whistles” under their belt, they show no signs of slowing down.

Price: $15