The Footlight District

 Hailing from Chicago, the five Scarbrough siblings who make up The Footlight District are talented, hard working, extremely dedicated individuals who have put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into their passion: Music.The music that pours forth from The Footlight District is a melting pot of their life. They grew up in the deep Mississippi south with influences of classic rock, blues, soul, and gospel. Combined with their love of straight up old school vintage rock and roll. They don't over complicate their music, it’s stripped down and played from their soul. Anchored by raw soulful bluesy instrumentals, strong vocals and peppered with tight sibling harmonies, their music is soulful, gritty, and passionate. The Footlight Districts’ live set is passionate and intense. Riveting the audience with their energy, the chemistry they share onstage is unmatched. Their live set is one that engages and keeps the crowds moving.

Past Shows

  • Fri, Feb 21 - 9pm - $10